Court of Crowns

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About the game

Court of Crowns is a Visual Novel game inspired by Ace Attorney. You play as a Princess Adela de Rex and lead the Crown Curt that resolves important disputes between the Nobility. But what kind of a person is Princess Adela de Rex? Decide that for yourself, thanks to the game’s unique Belief System.

Whatever Adela will dedicate herself to her duty, abuse her position for personal gain, or escape own responsibility, your choices will shape the nature of your Crown.


About us

PlaceHolder Name Studio is a group of Polish hobbyist game creators that are currently making their first attempt at commercial success with Court of Crowns.

The Studio plans to gauge potential interest in their work via Kickstarter campaign. They plan on episodic release of the game, and the initial crowdfunding campaign is supposed to gather funds only for first 1-2 out of 5 planned episodes.

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