Demo Update and Kickstarter Campaign Preview!

We are happily announcing preview of our Kickstarter Campaign! The campaign will start at November 11 and will run for 30 days, with a humble goal of €3000. Follow our campaign here: We are also updating our demo to version 1.8.1. Based on feedback and observations of playing it content creators, we have madeContinue reading “Demo Update and Kickstarter Campaign Preview!”

Demo version 1.6 released!

Based on the feedback so far, we have released a new version with following improvements: Now you can return to your last checkpoint, after getting a game over Clash of Arguments has been improved. Now, during the second phase, you hold lines to memorize them, then click on contradictory ones. The narrator will also helpContinue reading “Demo version 1.6 released!”

English Translation Released!

We happily announce that English translation of our demo has been completed!  Alongside with game script in English, we have added numerous improvement, including voice acting you would expect from any Ace Attorney inspired game!  Hope you are going to enjoy our labor of love. In other news, soon we will release Android version of ourContinue reading “English Translation Released!”