Demo version 1.6 released!

Based on the feedback so far, we have released a new version with following improvements:

  • Now you can return to your last checkpoint, after getting a game over
  • Clash of Arguments has been improved. Now, during the second phase, you hold lines to memorize them, then click on contradictory ones. The narrator will also help you remember what you are supposed to do. Voice Bar shakes when you try to attack a line without it being full. Chaos Bar advances slower during the second phase. Lionel also has altered his explanation for the mechanic, due to its changes.
  • You can advance text by pressing anywhere in the game.
  • You can advance New Knowledge popup by clicking anywhere in the game.
  • Fixed the bug where New Knowledge popup could sometimes not allow to advance the text for a while, despite being already gone.
  • Fixed the bug where you could crash the game, during Clash of Arguments, by causing a game over by attacking wrong line.
  • Some spelling errors were fixed

There are also HTML5-only improvements

  • Fixed the bug  that freezes the game, if you return to the game after returning to the main menu from the game.
  • Export option now also exports JSON of your last checkpoint, even if you didn’t save the game.

There also also further improvements that are planned, but are postponed for the next release, due to them being more time-consuming

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